A showcase of our capacity to provide a high degree of control and security through an integrated electronic security system.

Below we give a brief outline of 4 case studies.

Each example is a typical turnkey solution, delivered on time and on budget. And while each is also a highly bespoke integrated security solution, they have something in common: state-of-the-art components working together intelligently. It’s the secret of a successful integrated solution, and also the hallmark of a SecureWais project.

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‘Intelligent’ access cards were created to allow access first through the speedlanes and then to call an elevator programmed to take each visitor solely to the specific relevant floor – denying access to any other area of the building.

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As no CCTV existed, SecureWais undertook a full site survey before designing, cabling and fitting a monitoring room & control room, as well as fitting extensive CCTV.

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Jones Lang LaSalle

For this high security project, we assembled a team of four specialists, led by our CEO, a qualified electrical engineer with 25 years’ experience in the field of CCTV and integrated electronic security systems.

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Our client was keen to alleviate the heavy financial costs (over £40,000 p/a) of manned guarding. With our integrated solution, they have done just that – and also enjoy considerably more control.

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Turnkey solutions,
delivered on time and on budget.

All projects are bespoke Integrated Security Solutions, and have some state-of-the-art components in common.

  • Revolving and sliding glass doors with magnetic locks and emergency exits.
  • HID Proximity Readers integrated into Control Room Software.
  • Speedlanes with integrated access control readers and LED displays.
  • Integrated Visitor Management Systems.
  • N1000 Access Panels and Software.
  • Audio/Video Entryphone Systems integrated into the Control Room.
  • Emergency after-hours Pin and Fob entry systems.

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